Linking words of addition

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Sometimes there is more than one possible answer.
  1. These films were making money; they were perceived to be original.
  2. She's been running the company since November. She's got three children to look after, .
  3. Chinese food is very tasty it's quite cheap, .
  4. The problem we were set was extremely difficult to solve. , we didn't have much time to do it.
  5. The traffic is really heavy at this time of day. The roads are extremely icy, so be careful.
  6. The village is remote but totally inaccessible by road.
  7. I haven't got any change on me. , you already owe me money from last time.
  8. She has a reputation for brilliance. , she is a good communicator.
  9. If the university invites one candidate to speak, all others will be invited .
  10. was it raining all day at the wedding but the band was late.
  11. There was a man immediately behind her. , he was observing her strangely. (formal)
  12. Jeff plays soccer. Greg plays soccer, .
  13. Jeff plays soccer. Greg plays soccer.