Travel and holiday 1

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At the airport
  1. = a building at an airport divided into Arrivals and Departures (domestic and international flights)
  2. = an electronic display showing flight times and if the flight is on time, boarding, closed, or delayed
  3. = where you give in any checked-in luggage (bags, cases, etc.) and are given a boarding pass
  4. = where you take your luggage to check it in if you already have your boarding pass
  5. = where they check that you are not trying to take prohibited items (e.g. liquids or sharp objects) onto the plane, by scanning your hand luggage, and making you walk through a metal detector
  6. = where passengers who are travelling business or first class can wait for their flight
  7. = where you show your boarding pass and ID and board your flight
  8. = where planes take off and land
  9. = where you collect your luggage on arrival, and there are usually trolleys for carrying heavy cases
  10. = where your luggage may be checked to see if you are bringing illegal goods into the country