Travel and holiday 10

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  1. It was an awful there was lots of turbulence, and one of the cabin attendants actually fell over.
  2. The cost of has fallen steadily, which is nice for us but not great for the environment.
  3. From Vienna to Vladivostok is a book about an amazing train across Russia.
  4. Tragically, the Titanic sank on her maiden .
  5. I met my husband on a romantic around the Caribbean. He was sea-sick and I nursed him.
  6. Do you want to come on a day- to Cambridge?
  7. The annual school was always to the same place, Stonehenge.
  8. It was a classic — flight, bus, hotel, everything included.
  9. We're planning a long across the Pyrenees, taking tents and everything with us.
  10. A guided of Manchester? How exciting!
  11. In 1953 a British/ New Zealand team set out on an historic to conquer the world's greatest mountain, Everest.
  12. Your will include two days in the Masai Mara reserve, where you will see lions, rhinos and lots of other spectacular wildlife.