Travel and holiday 7

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Phrasal verbs related to air travel
  1. When I got to the hotel I went to the reception to (to register at your accommodation).
  2. Laura decided she really needed to (to go on holiday) to somewhere hot where she could rest and relax.
  3. The plane is supposed to (to arrive at destination) at about 11.00.
  4. Dr Jones (to begin a journey) from his house arouns 4.00 this evening in order to catch his flight.
  5. When I fly to Australia I usually (to stay somewhere for a short time when you are going somewhere else) in Dubai.
  6. He wasn't looking forward to going through her things, and said that rather tan spend the night in the cold house he'd (to reserve a room for oneself or someone else at a hotel) a hotel.
  7. I must (to pay and leave accommodation) at noon.
  8. Please go to Gate 10 and the plane to Barcelona is due to (to leave the ground) in about 20 minutes.