Travel and holiday 8

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Air travel
  1. In an airport, the is the place where passengers wait before they get onto their plane.
  2. The is the place where you go to at an airport to leave your suitcases.
  3. goods are sold at airports or on planes or ships at a cheaper price than usual because you do not have to pay import tax on them.
  4. A is a card which a passenger must have when boarding a plane.
  5. The is the place in an airport to which passengers go to recover their baggage after a flight.
  6. The on an aircraft are the people whose job is to look after the passengers.
  7. An is a seat, esp on a plane, situated at the end of a row, adjacent to the aisle.
  8. On an aeroplane journey, is luggage that is larger or weighs more than your ticket allows, so that you have to pay extra to take it on board.