Choose the right answers, and then press "Check".
Decide whether you need to use an article or not in these sentences:
  1. I went to hospital to see a friend who was ill.
  2. I went to hospital when I was knocked off my bike.
  3. I go to library once a week.
  4. She always goes to bed early.
  5. I often get hay fever in summer.
  6. The shops in my town always close for lunch.
  7. My father used to go to work by bike.
  8. When are you going on holiday?
  9. Tom never gets to work on time.
  10. He earns £800 week.
  11. I'll visit you in October.
  12. I can't play football very well.
  13. George Washington once held office of US President.
  14. My uncle goes to prison to teach the prisoners computer skills.
  15. I've played flute ever since I was a child.