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Choose the right answers, and then press "Check".
  1. The coffee is bitter for my taste.
  2. We have time to catch the train.
  3. He's a teenager!
  4. The instructions were clear to follow.
  5. He studied hard to pass the exam.
  6. It was a beautiful day that we took a picnic to the park.
  7. You're not usually tired! Is everything okay?
  8. He doesn't often work a lot.
  9. The shops had few vegetables at that time that we grew our own.
  10. The bag was heavy for her to carry.
  11. The children have many toys.
  12. The water is warm to swim in.
  13. She's a bookworm!
  14. He spoke fast for me to understand.
  15. I earned money to buy a new phone.
  16. I had a lot of work I couldn't go gout.
  17. You shouldn't drink little in this weather.
  18. She has much money that she doesn't need to work again.
  19. He is young to drive a car.