Confusing words 8

Choose the right answers, and then press "Check".
  1. , I bake my own bread rather than buy it.
  2. One afternoon, I grew bored and fell asleep for a few minutes.
  3. Questions about another eruption were at the meeting.
  4. He looked at Livy and Mark, who had (to stand up) to greet him.
  5. down and try to rest until the weather improves.
  6. a sheet of newspaper on the floor.
  7. me the story about how you coped after the earthquake.
  8. Did he where he was going?
  9. My camping gear was yesterday.
  10. My wallet's gone! I've been !
  11. Jean is so that she cries whenever she watches a disaster movie.
  12. I'm trying to persuade you to be more .