The law and crime - 1

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Types of crime
  1. — stealing from people and banks
  2. — stealing money and things
  3. — stealing from houses and flats
  4. — using violence to steal from somebody in a public place (a street, a park, etc.)
  5. — stealing things from a shop while it is open
  6. — taking things illegally from one country to another
  7. — taking a person by using violence, often in order to get money for returning them
  8. — obtaining money illegally, usually by using clever and complicated methods
  9. — trying to make somebody do something you want by giving them money, presents, etc.
  10. — killing somebody intentionally
  11. — starting a fire in a building in order to damage or destroy it
  12. — intentionally damaging public property, or property belonging to other people
  13. — stealing from shops or homes that have been damaged in a war, natural disaster, etc.
  14. — the use of violence such as bombing, shooting, etc. for political purposes