The law and crime - 2

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Types of criminals
  1. — A person who steals something from another person.
  2. — Someone who breaks in and steals from a private house.
  3. — Someone who steals from a person or place, e.g. a bank, using of threatening violence.
  4. — Someone who steals something from a shop.
  5. — Someone who steals from you in the street, usually without you noticing.
  6. — Somebody who attacks or threatens you in the street and tries to steal something from you.
  7. — A person who starts fires to damage or destroy something.
  8. — Someone who deliberately damages things, especially public property.
  9. — A person who forces someone to have sex with them.
  10. — A person who kills.
  11. — Someone who takes people away by force and demands money to free them.
  12. — Someone who makes fake money or documents.
  13. — Someone who helps another person to commit a crime.
  14. — Someone who takes control of a vehicle (plane, ship etc) by force and diverts it.
  15. — Someone who moves goods illegally into or out of a country without paying tax.