Education and learning - 1

Choose the right answers, and then press "Check".
  1. A place where people study for qualifications after leaving school: a .
  2. The land and buildings of a university or college: a .
  3. The amount of money you pay to go to a private school or a university: .
  4. Money paid by a university, etc. to a student with ability, but not much money: a .
  5. A class in which a small group of students discuss a particular subject: a .
  6. The job, or series of jobs, that you do during your working life: a .
  7. A talk on a subject, especially at university or college: a .
  8. Somebody who has a first degree from a university or college: a .
  9. A teacher who works with one student or a small group of students: a .
  10. The money that a student borrows from a bank while at university: a .
  11. Somebody who is studying for their first degree at university or college: an .
  12. Somebody who has a first degree and is now studying for a higher degree: a .
  13. Somebody who teaches at a university or college: a .
  14. A teacher of the highest level in a university department: a .
  15. An advanced university degree: a .