Education and learning - 2

Choose the right answers, and then press "Check".
  1. In our school, most classes have about 35 in them.
  2. Every year, two new are chosen from the best students in each class.
  3. The university accepts around 2000 new every year.
  4. When he finally graduated, Victor felt he everything he set out to do.
  5. The work we’re doing now will make more sense when you the sixth.
  6. Children in England go to school from the ages of five to eleven.
  7. In Britain, grammar schools, public schools and comprehensives are often referred to as schools.
  8. Americans usually refer to their secondary school as a school, and there are often separate junior and senior schools.
  9. The exam come out today and I’m really nervous. I hope I’ve passed.
  10. Matilda's had very good in/for English throughout the year.
  11. I was so proud when my exam finally arrived in the post.
  12. I would prefer to go to university and do a in astronomy, rather than start work.
  13. She Julie to read.
  14. Have you ever a new language for personal development and not due to professional or educational reasons?