Gerunds and infinitives 1

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  1. I remember the British Museum one day. (to keep a piece of information in your memory)
  2. Did you remember the shopping? (to not forget to do something)
  3. She forgot her door one day and two men got in. (to not remember to do something)
  4. I will never forget you for the first time. (to be unable to remember a fact, something that happened, or how to do something)
  5. He secretly tried her advancement in the Party. (to attempt)
  6. I tried him when I got here, but he wasn't at home. (to test something to see if it is suitable or useful or if it work)
  7. I've been told to lose weight and stop . (to finish doing something that you do regularly or as a habit)
  8. I stopped a letter that I'd dropped. (to pause for a short time while travelling or during an activity)
  9. I regret you he died as a consequence of his injuries. (polite formula to express apology for or sadness over something undesirable)
  10. I regret too early. (to feel sorry about a situation or a mistake that you have made)