Inversions - 1

Choose the right answers, and then press "Check".
Complete the sentences with the adverbial expressions. In some sentences more than one answer may be possible.
  1. had we set off when the engine started rattling.
  2. the clock struck midnight did the musicians start playing.
  3. have I worked so hard in all my life.
  4. have I heard such a moving speech. The last time was at the funeral of a close relation.
  5. had we sat down to eat than the doorbell rang.
  6. again will I travel with Ryanair.
  7. had she entered the classroom when the students started to pester her.
  8. was my father in pain, but his pride had also been hurt.
  9. had the fans witnessed such a resounding victory in the history of the club.
  10. at the end of the interview did I think I had a chance of getting the job.
  11. had Matt started work than he resigned.