Non-defining relative clauses

Choose the right answers, and then press "Check".
  1. Rome, is the capital of Italy, is my favourite city.
  2. Mr Jones, teaches maths, is going to retire next year.
  3. Taylor has a new car, is twice as big as his old one.
  4. The skirt, is a lovely dark blue colour, only cost €10.
  5. Laura, father is from Barcelona, speaks English and Catalan fluently.
  6. This smartphone, I bought last month, doesn't take great photos.
  7. In London, we visited Buckingham Palace, the Queen of England lives.
  8. Ferraris, are made in Italy, are very expensive.
  9. Catherine Zeta-Jones, starred in The Mask of Zorro, was born in Wales.
  10. Elena, brother is a football player, is in my German class.