Past simple or past continous (2)

Choose the right answers, and then press "Check".
  1. I Maria for the first time at Ray's birthday party.
  2. Richard TV when the phone rang.
  3. When we were on holiday, we to the cafe almost every day.
  4. Denise the song every day until she could sing it perfectly.
  5. Mr Connors two houses and a villa in the south of France.
  6. I my homework as soon as I got home from school.

  7. A car came round the corner and I out of the way.
  8. When my dad met my mum, he as a bus driver.
  9. I up at six o'clock every morning last week!
  10. My cousin and I on the computer when there was a power cut.
  11. No, that's not right. I the test. I got a B.
  12. The phone was engaged when I called. Who to?