Phrasal verbs 12

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Phrasal verbs with TAKE
  1. He left a job in the City to (to start doing a particular job or activity) farming.
  2. Her singing career had just begun to (to suddenly start to be successful or popular).
  3. (to admit that something you said was wrong) what you said about Jeremy!
  4. Gazing up into his eyes, she seemed to (to pay attention) all he said.
  5. His life began to (to begin to have a particular quality) a troubled tone.
  6. He was forced to (to begin to have control of something) the bank's operations to avert its collapse.
  7. They had to (to remove something from somewhere) two of his teeth.
  8. I hope the children don't (to be similar to an older member of your family in appearance or character) their grandfather.
  9. I need to (to get money from a bank account) some money from the bank
  10. I can (to write something that you are looking at or listening to) the messages that come in.