Phrasal verbs 14

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Phrasal verbs with KEEP
  1. He's never made an effort to (to continue to be informed about something) current events.
  2. I think we should (to do what you have promised or planned to do) our original plan.
  3. (to not go somewhere or near something) from the window, it's too dangerous to poke out.
  4. (to stick to) this side of the road.
  5. I wanted to finish my report, so I (to continue to do or work on something) it and worked till 8 o'clock.
  6. Try to (to stay friendly) with John, you'll spend many hours working with him.
  7. I must (not to eat or drink or prevent from eating or drinking) chocolate, I'm allergic to it.
  8. You have shown great improvement, (to continue or persist in doing something) practising.