Phrasal verbs 15

Choose the right answers, and then press "Check".
  1. I continued studying moths, and branched (start doing something new or different) to other insects.
  2. She brought (take care of a child until they become an adult) four children.
  3. Wait a minute! I'm beginning to catch (begin to understand).
  4. Eat (eat all of something) your lunch.
  5. She fled with her children, ending (be in a particular place, after or because of something) in a shelter.
  6. She fell (stop being friendly with someone because you have had an argument or disagreement with them) with her sister.
  7. As soon as we found this (discover), we closed the ward.
  8. So you're getting (travel around) a bit again? Not shutting yourself away?
  9. Melville managed to get (manage to survive/live) on a small amount of money.
  10. Jane got (progress) with her work.