Phrasal verbs 16

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  1. What are your neighbours like? Do you get (have a good relationship with someone) with them?
  2. It took me a very long time to get (recover from) the shock of her death.
  3. Did you have to get (pass a test or stage of something) an entrance examination?
  4. All right. I give (agree to something after initial resistance). What did you do with the ship?
  5. Substances such as ammonia give (produce and send into the air) heat when they dissolve.
  6. How often do you give your phone number  (give information to a lot of people)?
  7. I gave the textbook (return something) to him.
  8. Coastguards had given (stop doing something you do regularly) all hope of finding the two divers alive.
  9. The district board will vote today on whether to go (take action proceed) with the plan.
  10. When you go (go on holiday) on holiday, you need to take extra security precautions.