Phrasal verbs 17

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Phrasal verbs with LET
  1. She opened the window to LET (let someone or something come in) the air.
  2. Stand back when you LET (cause to explode or come out; to release) fireworks.
  3. My friend, don't LET me (disappoint; to betray or fail somebody) this time.
  4. You don't want to LET (reveal, disclose, or divulge) how rich you really are.
  5. My father is a tailor, so he can LET my knickers (allow to descend).
  6. The dog LET (of sound, to emit) a yelp.
  7. They LET (allow to descend) the rope and I fastened it to the basket.
  8. The students were LET (release) of school early.
  9. The rain shows no sign of LETTING (cease; stop).
  10. I tried not to LET (reveal, disclose, or divulge) that I had already guessed the answer.