Phrasal verbs 18

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Phrasal verbs with CARRY
  1. They carried the reforms (to complete successfully) despite the opposition.
  2. I need a truck to carry (to transport away) all this furniture.
  3. The girl was carried (to arouse to a high and often excessive degree of emotion or enthusiasm) by her pity.
  4. Malaria carried (to cause death) many people.
  5. They hope the new management will be able to carry the project (to make something progress).
  6. The rent was carried (to transfer [something] to a later pint in time) to December.
  7. I'll be gone for a few days, but I hope you will carry (to continue or proceed as before) in my absence.
  8. Extensive tests have been carried (to fulfill) on the patient.
  9. It is difficult to carry (to have or maintain) a conversation with so many distractions.
  10. Tried to look suave but couldn't carry it (to perform or manage successfully).
  11. I am a man of my word, I always carry my promises.