Phrasal verbs 18

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Phrasal verbs with GET
  1. We didn't get (arrive in) London until midnight.
  2. I don't earn very much but I get (to manage to live) OK.
  3. It took him a long time to get (to recover from) the flu.
  4. What time do you think you'll get (to return)?
  5. He was shot while trying to get (to escape) from the police.
  6. You have to get (to leave) the bus at the shopping centre.
  7. I can't seem to get (to stop) the habit of biting my nails.
  8. She is getting (to be successful in the work that you do) in her work.
  9. I don't really get (to have a harmonious or friendly relationship) with my sister's husband.
  10. I got (to become interested in an activity or subject) working out finally.