Phrasal verbs 4

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Phrasal verbs with CUT
  1. We cut (to go through by cutting) the solid rock to build the tunnel.
  2. There are two engines. One of them cut (to stop working) yesterday.
  3. The Government will cut (to reduce) on defence spending.
  4. He cut (to remove by cutting) all the overhanging branches in the garden.
  5. I'm trying to cut (to do or use less of something) on sugar.
  6. When you cut (to interrupt) on our conversation, we were talking.
  7. My mother cut (to cut into pieces) the onions and put them in the pot.
  8. If I cut (to make a shorter route) the field, it'll save time.
  9. Knives easily cut (to shortening into parts or to make sth smaller) the cake.
  10. The phone company cut (to stop providing a supply of something) our phone because we didn't pay the bill.