Phrasal verbs 9

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  1. Have you (to return to your usual state of health after having an illness) that terrible cough you had last time I saw you?
  2. He touched one of the sculptures in the exhibition, and the guard saw him and (to speak angrily to someone because they have done something wrong).
  3. Her car (to finish, use, or sell all of something, so that there is none left) of petrol and she had to hitchhike to a petrol station.
  4. Her husband left her when the children were babies and she (to start to talk about a particular subject) herself.
  5. I know you don't want to talk to Jenny but it's really important to do it today. You can't (to decide or arrange to delay an event or activity until a later time or date) any longer.
  6. Jimmy's giving me a lift. He's tomorrow morning at eleven.