Quantifiers 2

Choose the right answers, and then press "Check".
Complete the sentences with either, neither or both
  1. Last year I went to Paris and Rome. I liked cities very much.
  2. Laura has got two sisters and a brother. I've met her brother but I haven't met of her sisters.
  3. It wasn't a good football match. team played well.
  4. I can speak Italian and Catalan.
  5. I can speak Italian or Catalan. Which is easier for you to understand?
  6. I can speak Spanish nor Arabic.
  7. There were two pictures on the wall. I didn't like of them.
  8. Which jacket do you prefer, this one or that one? I don't like of them.
  9. It was a good football match. teams played well.
  10. I bought two newspapers. Which one do you want? , it doesn't matter which one.
  11. Is your friend German or English? of them, she's French.
  12. Paul and I didn't know the time because of us had a watch.
  13. Elizabeth has got two sisters and a brother. sisters are married.