Relationships 2

Choose the right answers, and then press "Check".
  1. A is someone who you know well and like, but who is not related to you.
  2. A is a friend that you are very close to.
  3. A is a person or organization you are closely involved with in some way.
  4. An is a person that you have met but do not know well.
  5. A is someone who is a good friend when it is easy to be one and who stops being one when you are having problems.
  6. Your is a person who you are competing or fighting against in the same area or for the same things.
  7. A is someone who is in the same class as you at school.
  8. A is a person you trust and share your feelings and secrets with.
  9. A is someone you write friendly letters to and receive letters from, although the two of you may never have met.
  10. Someone's is their enemy.