Reported speech - 2

Choose the right answers, and then press "Check".
  1. "I'll definitely pay you bak, Tim."
    Wendy to pay Tim back.
  2. "I didn't break Erin's mobile phone."
    He breaking Erin's mobile phone.
  3. "Why don't we visit the art gallery?"
    Fiona visiting the art gallery.
  4. "You should do more excercise, Mr Lee."
    The doctor Mr Lee to do more exercise.
  5. "I'm sorry I was late for class."
    She for being late for class.
  6. "I'll give you a lift to the station, Jo."
    Alan to give Jo a lift to the station.
  7. "Don't go into the park after dark, Tina."
    I Tina not to go into the park after dark.
  8. "I stole my cousin's laptop."
    He that he had stolen his cousins laptop.
  9. "You've been lying to me, Molly."
    Frank Molly of lying to him.
  10. "Don't forget to get some milk, Kath."
    Richard Kath to get some milk.
  11. "I'll call the police if it happens again."
    Harry to call the police if it happened again.