Similes for comparisons

Choose the right answers, and then press "Check".
Complete the sentences with a word from the list.
  1. The dog grabbed the meat and was out of the shop as quick as a .
  2. When we first got married, we were as poor as .
  3. My husband's as stubborn as a — he refuses to go to the doctor about his bad back.
  4. She's as white as a . I think she's going to faint.
  5. Grandad's as deaf as a .
  6. I'm as blind as a without my glasses.
  7. She's been as good as . She took all her medicine without making any fuss.
  8. He's lost a lot of weight since his illness. He's as thin as a .
  9. She had a daughter, with whom I walked out, a pretty girl who drank like a , as her mother also did.
  10. My husband slept like a the entire flight but I didn't even get five minutes of sleep.
  11. My new medication works like a . I feel 100 times better.
  12. My son eats like a . I sometimes think he's got worms.