SO or SUCH 4

Choose the right answers, and then press "Check".
  1. She has clothes (that) she never knows what to wear.
  2. I have work that I can't go out this evening/weekend.
  3. He made mistakes (that) the boss sacked him.
  4. Joe ate biscuits (that) he felt sick.
  5. There was traffic (that) we missed our flight.
  6. It was hot day (that) we had to put on the air conditioning.
  7. I played badly (that) I lost 6-0, 6-0.
  8. It was bad film (that) we left after half an hour.
  9. The food was disgusting (that) nobody could eat it.
  10. It was beautiful music (that) everyone stopped to listen.
  11. They were good seats (that) we had a perfect view.
  12. He is bad-tempered person (that) no one can work with him for long.