Traffic and transportation

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  1. A is a large machine that runs along a railway line. It can carry many people.
  2. A is a car with a driver. You pay them to take you where you want to go.
  3. A is a very large boat for moving people or goods across the sea.
  4. A is a machine that can fly in the sky. It can carry many people.
  5. A is a fast mode of transport with two wheels. It is powered by an engine.
  6. A is a large, heavy vehicle with wheels. It is used for moving goods.
  7. A is a vehicle with four wheels. It can normally carry five people.
  8. A is a large vehicle with wheels. It has lots of seats. It can carry many people around a city.
  9. A is a small mode of transport to go across water.
  10. A has two wheels and no engine. We power it using our feet.